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NIDHI4COVID2.0 – Centre to Fund Startups Offering Indigenous Solutions to Combat Pandemic


The second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic is wreaking havoc on the entire world. India reported 195,815 fresh Covid-19 infections today, taking the caseload tally to 26,947,496. The death toll surged to 307,249.

In the midst of this, everybody in the country is likely thinking about one thing: how to combat the COVID-19 pandemic’s second wave. The Centre has launched a new project, NIDHI4COVID2.0, to help indigenous technologies and creative products in the fight against the pandemic.

NIDHI4COVID2.0 will provide funding to qualifying startups and companies based in India that have promising solutions in the thrust areas of oxygen innovation, portable solutions, appropriate medical accessories, diagnostics, informatics, or any other solution that addresses or mitigates COVID-19-related challenges.

According to the Ministry of Science and Technology, the production and manufacturing of product parts currently imported for devices such as oxygen concentrators will be considered for Seed Support via a DST-supported network of technology business incubators. Promising companies will be given financial and mentoring support to scale up their products and technologies and speed up their processes, allowing them to enter the product deployment stage as quickly as possible, according to the ministry.

Interested applicants can apply via the centralized portal https://dstnidhi4covid.in by the 31st of this month at 23.59 hours. Applicants can go to https://dstnidhi4covid.in/ for more details and eligibility requirements.

Ashutosh Sharma Secretary DST said, “Supporting the development of equipment such as oxygen concentrator provides huge opportunities in the development and manufacture of many important components such as special valves, zeolite materials, oil-free and noiseless miniature compressors, gas. Going on. Sensors, etc. which have wide applications in many fields, “

Delhi High Court on Refillers of Oxygen Cylinders


The Delhi high court on Monday ordered that refillers who supply oxygen cylinders to hospitals treating Covid-19 update their data on the Delhi government’s portal regularly, including the quantity of gas supplied to them by suppliers.

“It has to keep going. It is not that when we send a note, the refillants only have to fill in the details. We don’t want to increase anything. You are part of the infrastructure system serving the society,” A bench of Justices Vipin Sanghi and Jasmeet Singh dismissed the refilers’ notice.

The court ruled that the data entry operators delegated by the government to the offices of refillers to update the data should be given to them for one week after the…Lockdown is removed, after which the refillers must make their arrangements.

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