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Find out – How Business Incubators Make Money?


An incubator’s primary goal is to help a startup grow. Incubators solve issues of the startups and provide workspace, training, and other resources. Do you know how business incubators make money? Yes, incubators benefit from the success of their startups, there are various ways in which they make money.

What are the income sources for startup incubators?


Below listed are the ways that give an idea of how business incubators make money?, let us find out.

  1. One of the most usual ways of making money is by giving the incubation program that gives more benefits. The company which is providing incubation services is taking a very high risk, they spend their time generously with the startups in their ventures. So, earning profits and making money is very essential for incubator growth, sustainability, and services.
  2. Understanding that a working incubator provides incredible marginal returns is important, not ignoring the fact that it is difficult. Making money is a difficult task, it necessitates taking a more difficult path of delivering expert advice. For unknown startup individuals, there is a world-class learning design. It involves untested proposals, varying levels of engagement, no sales, and the majority of failures, the incubator is required to educate the startups with ideas to earn a margin.
  3. Most businesses that provide incubation services have several revenue sources. Other than incubating startups, Universities, Government departments, coworking spaces, consultancies, do a variety of activities. Some directly sell to the startups the incubation services and make money, this is sold to sponsors as well. Indirect sales generate revenue since their incubation service contributes to the acquisition of additional services. Linking other revenue streams to incubation service allows taking a loss on delivery, this is because it is an investment.
  4. Government grants are not long-term or recurring sources of revenue. Then how business incubators make money? Some incubators accept government funding, grants in a specific field, on the other hand, are a kind of co-investment in specific aspects of projects. It reveals how start-up incubators make money within the fixed time frames. Incubators may achieve goals such as improving mentor quality or bringing in foreign experts and grant money might be available.

So, how business incubators make money?

There are many direct ways to make money, including –

Sponsorship may come from the government, a corporation, or an individual investor. The incubator is funded by the government, a corporation, or other investors. It’s because they want to be the first to see, participate in, or gain access to the startups. It is for this purpose that they employ an incubator to concentrate on the advantages.

Benefit from liquidity events that have their equity via projects :

The incubator acts as a catalyst. He could operate a venture capital company with a ten-fold return on investment. It’s an investment pipeline (accelerator) and a way to filter and de-risk investments.

The cost of participation is paid by the participants. The startups that participate in an incubator are paid. They pay as quality advisers, contacts, and content become accessible. However, it may be unavailable or prohibitively costly for an incubator.

How business incubators make money?

Incubators can earn money in indirect ways, such as:


a) Increasing the number of services sold to startups –

Incubators are likely to help you form connections and relationships. Renting an office room, a desk, lab access, or paying a subscription fee to be a part of the network becomes appealing.

b) Selling others on the methods, talent, and lessons –

Many in charge of incubators are confronted with hundreds or even thousands of startups. As a result, you will develop expertise in advising or finding assistance. It is worthwhile to invest in a prototype, resources, approaches, consulting hours, books, grant writing, professional services, and so on.

Again, how business incubators make money? requires a variety of direct and indirect revenue streams.

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